• Game Development Portfolio

    Ryan Felton

  • Game Development Portfolio

    Ryan Felton

  • Game Development Portfolio

    Ryan Felton

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I have experience in a number of languages; C#, Java, C++, HTML5, and Python just to name a few. I primarily am interested in game development which I generally do in Unity. I have experience developing games using other frameworks such as XNA, HTML5, and JavaScript. Game Development is not all that I have done, I have also done general programming and web development. Click through the categories below to find out more about my skills.

  • General Programming

    C# / .NET / ASP.NET / C++ / JAVA / Python / SQL

    I am currently working as a Software Engineer III at LasX Industries, Inc. creating software for controlling high speed laser cutting systems using C#, .NET Framework, WPF, and XAML. I have also done general programming in C++ and Java, mostly for school projects while at UW-Stout. Also at UW-Stout for a Physics modeling class, I implemented particle and rigidbody physics systems in Python. I also have experience working with databases using SQL.

  • Game Development

    Unity3D / XNA / C# / HTML5 / JavaScript / GM: Studio

    My primary tool for game deveopment is the Unity3D engine. I have done both 2D and 3D game development in Unity using C# for all of the scripting. I am currently working on a game in Unity with one other person in my free time. I also made a number of games while at UW-Stout: an educational 2D game programmed in HTML5 / Javascript for Biology students, a 3D Kart battle game with 6 player multiplayer built in Unity, and 4 48-hour game jam games that all placed in the top 3 at the game jam built in Unity or Gamemaker: Studio.

  • Web Development

    HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript / JQuery

    I have created a few websites entirely from scratch as well as working off of design templates. I have developed a game in HTML5 and JavaScript with a small team of people in my 2D Game Design class. I have also worked with a client on adding functionality to an existing website using JavaScript with JQuery.

White Bear Lake